Aesop Marketplace

Matching health commissioners and decision-makers with arts in health programmes like an online dating site, Aesop Marketplace matches health commissioners and other decision-makers with relevant arts in health programmes in an attractive and time-efficient way.

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To coincide with the Conference & Showcase, the Aesop Marketplace is relaunched in 2018 bringing together programmes featured in this and first event in 2016, plus members of an Aesop-run action learning set for arts in health programmes which have already been commissioned by the NHS or local authority public health.

A health decision-maker can search arts programme profiles by geography and four areas of interest (Mental Health, Mothers/Children/ Young People, Older People and Health Workforce & Environments). They can post blogs and responses, add alerts of opportunities and find useful resources.

Member arts organisations can contact one another to find partners and share best practice and post special offers.

Each profile offers a quick and easy way to get to know the programme. There is the essential information – a programme description (what, who, how, where available in England, when available, evidence of impact and cost-effectiveness) and how to get in contact. Photos and videos bring the activity to life. Downloadable reports provide supporting evidence and information.