Active Ingredients

The Active Ingredients project has been developed jointly by Aesop and BOP Consulting.

It aims to deepen our understanding of the ways in which arts interventions in health and social contexts actually work – and to improve the ways these are designed and their impacts measured.

We use the medical/pharmaceutical metaphor of the “active ingredient” to emphasise that there is something particular – some property, some dynamic – in the arts experience itself which enables certain outcomes to occur and which are inseparable from the experience. The core proposition being tested by the Active Ingredients project is that broader social, non-arts outcomes cannot be achieved without the active ingredients and without arts outcomes also being achieved.

The Active Ingredients report:

  • Outlines the background and need for the project
  • Documents the process of how it has been developed
  • Presents and describes the initial Active Ingredients planning and evaluation model
  • Suggests how this model can be used in practice


Download the Active Ingredients Report