Back at the start of 2019, Aesop in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University launched the first Aesop Institute course for busy arts and health professionals who wished to develop thriving arts and health programmes.

A follow-up evaluation released today has shown that the course was a tremendous success, laying a strong foundation for any future developments with the Aesop Institute.

Through the accredited course, the objective was to train professionals from both sectors to provide them with the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies to deliver such programmes and projects in their own organisations.

In March 2019, the course began with a three-day residential school in Folkestone, then was followed by shorter residential in Canterbury during September 2019. Between both residentials, students were developing a portfolio of work to present.

Feedback from the students also reflected the overall success of the course.

“This course was very useful to me professionally. It has helped me to reflect on the way I work and plan my work differently. It has helped me to understand and identify my development needs and to do my work in a more focused and sustainable way.”

Student, Aesop Institute Course 2019

“The museum, my workplace, is in a period of transformation which I would like to influence. The chance to engage with my research – both academically and practically, has given me extensive leverage which can impact on future decisions. It’s not just me ‘going on’ about young people – there’s evidence now!”

Student, Aesop Institute Course 2019

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